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Visit Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus Buddhist Dharma Thangka & Singing Bowl Shop

Visiting Our Pink Lotus Shop

Our customers are very welcome to come and visit but it is very important to note that the Pink Lotus Shop is not always open so please make an appointment before you travel. We are an Internet business with a shop for customers to view products

** If you would like to visit Pink Lotus we strongly advise you call or email ahead to make an appointment **

We are available between the times of 10.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday and some Saturday mornings though this is not always possible. If we are here and you would like to visit then we will make every effort to ensure the shop will be open on the day you would like to visit.

As well as being Internet based, Pink Lotus Thangka also has a Tibetan Buddhist shop, solely dedicated to the retail of Tibetan Buddhist Dharma goods, Thangka and Himalayan Singing Bowls. Our Pink Lotus shop is the only one of its kind in the UK which is independent of a Buddhist centre. We go to great lengths to create an authentic Tibetan, Temple like environment, and we have customers come and visit us from all over the UK to enjoy the sanctity and ambience of our Pink Lotus shop. In the shop you will find all on our website and a little more. Its a great place to come and see the products before you buy. At the shop can view our Thangkas and see and examine their true beauty. Its almost impossible to do the Thangkas justice on photograph. We stock hundreds of Singing Bowls both new and old. We have Old Thadobati Singing Bowls, old Jambati Singing Bowls and we have etched Singing Bowls with Buddhist Iconography and mantras. All our Singing Bowls play with a Suede striker to ensure best quality of sound. Come along to the shop and compare sounds of all the different Bowls. 

We also carry a large and varied stock of high quality Buddha statues (Rupas). We have a selection in stock of most deities in our Buddha statue range, both small and large, in gold, copper/gold and brass. We have a wide variety of fabric products some made in our Kathmandu workshop, which was established, to ensure the product is to our required quality and specifications and the employees are paid a fair wage. The products include Altar cloths and Cushion covers (both hand-embroidered designs and those made with Varanasi silk), Wall hangings, Door covers, T-Shirts, Prayer flags, Lama Bags and more. We also have a wide selection of Prayer mala, and wrist mala. We also have many Prayer wheels, Bell & Dorje, Offering bowls, Butter lamps, and a jewellery collection including bracelets and pendants, and a nice selection of Buddhist books. You can purchase Bhodi seed mala that have been hand made in our Kathmandu workshop using seeds collected from the east of Nepal. We have a fine selection of Bhutanese Incense including the finest Nado Poizokhang. We have an extensive range of Tibetan herbal and healing incense of varying qualities, including quality handmade incense made by nuns in monasteries of nepal.

The shop is based at St. Annes-on-sea, Lancashire, around six miles south of Blackpool. Pink Lotus is easily accessible from most northern destinations and is ideal for combining visits to Blackpool, The Lakes, North Yorkshire, Samye Ling and Scotland. If you are making the visit from a distance please always check ahead to ensure we are here when you visit. We will always make the effort to be open were possible if we know you are coming.

You will always receive a warm welcome on your visit to Pink Lotus.

Visit Our Pink Lotus Shop

The shop is available to visit weekdays between 10.00am and 3.00pm but it is essential you call ahead to make an appointment. Please call us on 07868 135898 to confirm an appointment and avoid any disappointment. We are available some Saturday mornings between 10.00am and 12.30p

*The shop will be closed and unavailable to visit from Saturday 4th May to Wednesday 22nd May. Internet orders will continue as normal*


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