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 Seven Instruction Lineages

Author - Jo Nang Taranatha, translated by David Templeman
Cover - Paperback
Pages – 162
Size - 22 x 14cm
Weight - 215g
ISBN :  81-86470-65-4 
Publisher : Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Date published - 2007

The great Tibetan master Jonang Taranatha, founder of the Jonangpa school, paints a miraculous picture of the great siddhas of India, their lives and the lineages which sprang from their teachings. In all, the lives of some 59 siddhas are related - some well known, others more obscure, but all linked by their various lineages and by the instructions handed down from guru to disciple. Taranatha's aacount of these remarkable lives is especially valuable as he had as his gurus, and as the sources of these accounts, three Indian masters fromthe very traditions about which he wrote with such conviction. The lineage accounts are very important for a clear understanding of the tantric upadesas themselves. In several places Taranatha makes quite sure that his onw lineage is irrefutably established. 

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