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Ten Thousand Days of Summer  

Written by Andrea Willson and illustrated by Andy Weber this is a wonderful book for ages 10 years and upwards. 


This is the first book in a trilogy.


Born a prince, pampered and protected, son and heir to a kingdom and fortune in ancient India, Siddhartha led an enviable lifestyle…or did he? What else could he possibly want from life? And would he ever be free to find it? A bewitching story of prophetic dreams, predictions, fortune telling, flying mystics, floating objects, visions and fabulous riches, this is also about the realities of what it means to be human. As we accompany the young prince on his magical journey towards his inevitable decision to leave home, we are faced with our own dilemmas and choices.


"This book will benefit many beings. I hope it does very, very well"

Lama Zopa Rinpoche


"In her wonderful little book, Andrea Wilson has brought the tale of the Buddha into the modern, international

  arena, re-telling it with the magic and wonder that has captivated audiences over the centuries. It is a great read, a profound wave of joyful literary indulgence, and a magnificent contribution to the growing corpus of literature on the Buddha, his life, and his vision of human perfection. Andrea is indeed a talanted storyteller"

Glen H Mullin


Author - Andrea Willson
Cover - Paperback
Pages 136
Size - 19.5 x 13cm
Weight - 163g
ISBN :  978-0-9556437-1-2
Publisher : Wellseing
Date published - 2009

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