About Our Thangkas

Pink Lotus Thangkas

At Pink Lotus Thangka we specialise in high quality Tibetan Buddhist Thangka.

For many years we at Pink Lotus, have worked with some of the finest Thangka artists in Nepal to create master standard Thangka that are genuine and iconographically correct and use the right methods and the right paint and gold.

These are Thangka artists who are teachers in their own right and some have their own school with many pupils.

It has become a very difficult time for the whole tradition of Thangka painting. There are now far less artists at work as many of the artists have found better paid work doing manual work in the Middle East. This is having a serious impact on the tradition of Thangka painting. Spiralling costs have meant the price of gold is forever on the increase and so many artists are using alternatives to gold. Thangka should always be finished with 24k gold but there are many Thangkas on the market where this is not the case. There are many cheap quality Thangkas on the market that place no emphasis on the time honoured tradition of Thangka painting, mass producing them for the tourist market. It is for these reasons we are committed to supporting the artists that remain loyal to creating genuine Thangka in the time honoured ways.

All the Thangkas we stock are by painted by friends or close associates. We believe the artists who create these beautiful master pieces should be paid a fair price for their work. This means our prices aren’t the cheapest but this is because our work is genuine and we guarantee Thangkas of a high quality. The Mandala Thangka below was created by one of our most popular artists. He also has his own school where he teachers several already highly advanced Thangka artists. This Thangka was commissioned for one of our DCWC Nepal charity events. It was filmed for a documentary and below is actor Sean Wilson admiring the intricate detail of this stunningly beautiful Mandala. The Thangka painting fetched £3000 at auction.

Many of the Thangkas we sell are commissioned based. We can commission Thangkas to your specifications in most sizes. If the Thangka you are looking for is not on our website or in our store, we may have what you are looking for in Nepal. Let us know what you are looking for and in what price range and we will get back to you with some different options. All our Thangkas are brocaded by a master brocader so if you are looking to get your painting brocaded we can arrange this for you. 

Our Thangkas and other various Dharma goods have been used for many different events and exhibitions and have been used on TV programmes along the way. We provided a Vajrasattva Thangka for the Dalai Lamas that sat behind him for his Vajrasattva initiation at Nottingham 2008. Above are photographs for the Maitreya Project Relic Tour at Leeds City Museum, organised by our friends at the Jamyang centre in Leeds. At Pink Lotus Thangka we make every effort to ensure our brocades are made to the finest quality to suit different budgets. All our brocades are made by a Master Thangka Tailor with over Twenty years experience of creating Thangka brocades of the very highest order. He creates each brocade in the time-honoured tradition with meticulous attention to detail and to the exact measurements used by the different traditions throughout the centuries.

It’s always difficult to appreciate a Thangka from just looking at photographs. So that’s why we recommend you come along and visit our Pink Lotus store. We have many paintings and brocaded Thangka. We have a Thangka viewing table where you can admire the many paintings we have and there fine quality. If you would like to come and visit the shop to see the Thangkas or our many other products see our visit us page for opening times and directions …. Click here for the visit us page

You will always receive a warm welcome on your visit to Pink Lotus.