Chakraman - Andy Weber

Chakraman – Andy Weber

Chakraman card, image painted by Andy Weber, measuring 10.5cm x 15cm



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Chakraman card, image painted by Andy Weber, measuring 10.5cm x 15cm

Text on the reverse of the meditation card reads:

The painting illustrates a male yogi using the Buddhist chakra system based on the Guhasamaya tantra. The yogi with his hands in the meditation mudra sits in full lotus position on a rock.

The offering of the five senses in front of him represent the pure perception of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste which is the result of inner yogic practice. In the centre of his body is the central channel (sushuma nadi) which starts between the eyebrow and curves like an umbrella handle at the crown of the head and then descends in front of the spine all the way to 4 fingers below the belly button.

From the two nostrils start two thinner tubes (nadis) which carry the vital life energy (prana) into the body. The lunar (red) on the right side and the solar (white) on the left side follow alongside the central channel and join into the central channel at the secret chakra, 4 fingers below the belly button. At five places are energy centres (chakras), each one with a different function and containing different information.The lunar and solar nadis cross over and form knots constricting the full use and potential of those five chakras.
Only through inner practice like the highest yoga tantras those knots can be untied and the full potential of those five chakras be realized. These meditation instructions can be only transmitted by qualified masters and learned under strict guidance.

The five chakras are represented by the seed syllables of five Dhyani buddhas, an intricate system of physical, mental and emotional energies relating to the environment, physical elements, seasons, times in the day etc. Basically it represents the mandala in ourselves , our environment and the cosmos.



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