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Patan, Silver Jewellery & the Shakyas

Patan is one of the three ancient and historical cities of the Kathmandu valley. Known originally as Lalitpur, it was one of three separate kingdoms, along with Bhaktapur and Kantipur which is now known as Kathmandu. As far back as the 6th century silver has been crafted in these old kingdoms, especially Patan, where the Shakya people have mastered the art of fine and exquisite Silver work. These Shakya people believe themselves to be direct descendants of Shakyamuni Buddha himself. The Shakyas are also renowned for being fine Goldsmiths and all over Patan you will find Buddha statues of the very highest quality.Pink Lotus buy all our our Buddha statuesand silver from these skilled Artisansand craftsmen of Patan.

The Silver used in all the crafts made down in Patan is Sterling 92.5% Silver. This is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. Pure silver cannot be used in making jewelry as it is extremely malleable and it can suffer damage easily. It also tends to get very soft, even in conditions of normal temperature. That is why 92.5 silver is used and not the pure form of the precious metal. 

The method the Patan craftsmen use to increase the strength of the metal consists of adding 7.5% copper to the 92.5% silver. The life span of the silver depends on this process, as problems like malleability and softening can make them break apart. By combining pure silver with copper, the craftsmen make pieces of jewelry that are more resistant to scratching and damage. By adding copper to silver, craftsmen have managedto obtain a highly reliable alloy that is successfully used in making these beautiful items. The combination is very popular as the silver craftsmen can make these fine pieces of exquisite high quality pieces of silver jewellery, knowing that their work will be resistant and durable. It may seem that by adding other metals to pure silver, the quality becomes lower. But this is not the case with 925 silver. This alloy enhances the jewellery properties and copper is only a very small part in the combination. It is possible for craftsmen to use a copper substitute and still obtain a similar result. All our silver products carry the 92.5 hallmark and are made to the very highest standards.

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