About our Mala Beads

Pink Lotus Fine Quality Tibetan Prayer Mala

Buddhist Prayer Beads are usually referred to as Prayer Mala or Japa Mala or even a Buddhist Rosary, and are used to count the amount of times a mantra is recited. The Prayer Mala has 108 beads representing the number of desires or afflictions that bind man to this world of Samsara. Some Malas have 2 sets of counters attached between the beads on string, one with a bell and one with a dorje, with 10 counters on each.

At Pink Lotus we have a large selection of high quality Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Mala, Wrist Mala and Hand Malas. All our Malas our made to our own designs and specifications and where possible are made adjustable to allow the user to have them as slack or as tight as they please. Our range includes Bodhi seed, Sandlewood, Bone, Lapis, Amethyst, Carnelian, Crystal, Tiger eye, Malachite, Jade, Onyx, Turquoise, Lotus Seed, Coral, Cut glass, Garnet, Goldstone, Jasper and a variety of Rosewood Mala. All our Prayer Mala are 108 beads and our Wrist and Hand Mala either 21 or 27 beads.

We try to use the best possible materials to suit all budgets. The beads rarely break on a Mala but unfortunately string and elastic do. We do everything we can to work with our customers to re-string or replace Malas bought from Pink Lotus.

For those wishing to re-string or make there own Mala beads we sell Prayer Mala cord by the metre. The cord comes in two different sizes and many different colours. The thicker 2mm size B cord is ideal for Bodhi seed and other larger non-stone beads that have a reasonably large hole. The 1mm size A cord is ideal for most stone and smaller beads up to around 10mm with a smaller hole. The cord comes in many different colours including red, yellow, blue, black, green and white.

For any further information on our Mala range or to enquire about sourcing a Mala to your own specifications feel free to contact us at Pink Lotus at mail@pinklotus.co.uk or myself at garyc@pinklotus.co.uk

Gary Collier (Pink Lotus)