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About Our Incense

Pink Lotus Finest Quality Tibetan Incense

Our Incense range at Pink Lotus Thangka is entirely made up of Tibetan and Bhutanese Incense, which is a rolled compound made entirely of different herbs and spices. Our Incense can be categorized in three different ways. We have Tibetan Incense made in Nepal, we have Bhutanese Incense from Bhutan and we have Bhutanese style incense made by Bhutanese people in Nepal. All our Bhutanese Incense is bought at source in Bhutan and is imported directly from there.

The Bhutanese Incense we sell from Nepal is not fake Bhutanese Incense but, beautiful fine quality incense made by Bhutanese people which they have done for several decades to a very high standard. Our Tibetan Incense is made in Nepal and is either made by Tibetans or by nuns. Tibetan / Bhutanese Incense is not made on a stick. It is a rolled compound made up entirely of herbs and spices. The quality and the price reflect the quality of the ingredients. Our Incense range is still made in a very traditional manner. The Incense is prepared by making it in to a dough. The dough is then squeezed through a mechanism similar to a mincer and the dough comes out the other side in long thin spaghetti like shapes. 

The incense is then rolled into long thin strips and cut down to shape. It is then left to dry and solidify till it is ready to package and able to be burned as Incense. The quality and the quantity of the ingredients vary with each and every make of Incense. Ingredients include – Saffron, big and small Cardamom, Giwang (Bezor) Aru, Baru, Churu, Agru, Cinnamon, Shukpa, White and red Sandlewood, Saffron, Clove, Pekor, Rutok, Nutmeg, Gokul, Alanchi, Sukmail, carthamus, rhododendro, Musk, Juniper, Tea Leaf, Grain Jewels, herbal medicine, Lazay and Lungzey.

Our Bhutanese specialities include Nazo Poizokhang and Kuengacholing. Nado Poizokhang produce nine varieties of incense sticks and two types of incense powder using about one hundred types of natural herbs and medicinal plants, mostly grown in the mighty Himalayas. The formula used in making incense is as old as 700 years. So, the use of chemical or environmentally hazardous substance is unknown even today to Nado Poizokhang. It is purely natural and artistic. The product from nado Poizokhang is highly acclaimed within and outside Bhutan.

Kuengacholing has been producing fine quality Bhutanese incense for 40 years. The company was founded by Lopon Tharpola who would later receive a Bhutan medal of Royal appreciation for his effort to uphold the ancient Buddhist tradition of Incense making.

All our Incenses are non-toxic and contain no artificial or chemical substances.

Please feel free to come and visit us at our Pink Lotus retail shop. Its a great place to come and sample the incense and get a better idea of what our Tibetan and Bhutanese Incense smells like.