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Pink Lotus Buddha Statues

About Our Buddha Statues

Pink Lotus Fine Quality Tibetan Buddhist Statues

At Pink Lotus we have a large selection of Buddha statues. Our Buddha statues come in a variety of styles and we stock most Tibetan Buddhist deities in a variety of sizes. As we source all our Buddha statues in Nepal, our speciality is the copper and gold statues which the Nepalese excel in producing. These statues are made in the Patan district of Kathmandu, famous for its silversmiths and its goldsmiths, and predominantly casted and expertly finished by artisans of the Shakya caste who have course all claim to be direct descendants of Shakyamuni Buddha himself.

The process used to make these stunningly beautiful works of art is called the “Lost Wax” process, a centuries old method of casting statues. Each statue when using the Lost Wax process is a unique piece although often they are re-used. Each time the mold is re-used the statue will become cruder. The statue maker creates his statue from wax. A mold is then made of the statue usually from plaster.

One of the statue makers, and a friend of ours, we use in Patan is of the family of the best known Buddha statue makers in Nepal. He is the nephew of the great Siddhi Raj and his equally talented brother Boddhi Raj. Both now passed away through old age their reputation ensured they both had long waiting lists of customers waiting for them to make their statues. Siddhi Raj was perhaps the better known of the two partly through the book “shopping for Buddhas” by Jeff Greenwald in which finding a Siddhi Raj statue became his obsession. If any customer is looking for a statue a little more special then this is the place for us to source it for you. At Pink Lotus we try to keep in stock the popular deities in most sizes.

As well as the more common copper with half gold we also stock copper statues that are fully gold gilded. If we do not have the statue you are looking for then we would be more than happy to use our contacts to source those for you. As well as our copper with gold Nepali statues we also carry other styles. We have a selection of brass statues that originate in India. The cost of these statues is a little more prohibitive due to the high increase of metal costs and that they are firstly imported to Nepal from India, then are imported onward to the UK. A more affordable option is the clay statue. These are made in Kathmandu and are purchased from the same sources as we buy all our wooden items.

For any further information on our Buddha Statues or to enquire about sourcing a statue please feel free to contact us at Pink Lotus

Gary Collier (Pink Lotus)

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