Welcome to our Pink Lotus Tibetan Buddhist Thangka and Dharma shop, an online portal that allows you to view our products and securely order them online. At Pink Lotus Thangka we specialise in providing Master Quality Traditional and Contemporary Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas along with a wide range of Buddhist practitioner supplies including Buddha Statues, Singing Bowls, Tibetan Incense, Prayer Flags, Prayer & Wrist Mala, Butter Lamps, Tibetan Door Covers, Prayer Wheels and a whole lot more.  All customer purchases are mindfully packaged and dispatched within 48 hours.  
  At Pink Lotus Thangka we specialise in high quality Tibetan Thangka. We work with some of the finest Thangka artists in Nepal to create genuine Thangka that are iconographically correct and use the right methods and right paint and gold. The Thangka should always be finished with 24k gold ..... More  
  At Pink lotus Thangka we specialize in providing quality Himalayan Singing Bowls. We regularly stock hundreds of Hand Beaten Bowls, which can be found and played at our Pink Lotus shop. All our Singing Bowls are played and bought at origin. We only import Singing Bowls that play well with a leather Puja stick.Nearly all of our stock of Singing Bowls are hand beaten, some are new many are old collected Thadobati and Jambati Singing Bowls. ...... More  
  We have a wide and varied range of high quality Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Mala and Wrist Mala in 108, 27 and 21 beads. On our site you will find Bodhi seed, Sandlewood, Bone, Amethyst, Lapis, Crystal, Tiger eye, and many other traditional ..... More  
  At Pink Lotus we have a large selection of Buddha statues. Our Buddha statues come in a variety of styles and we stock most Tibetan Buddhist deities in a variety of sizes. As we source all our Buddha statues in Nepal, our speciality is the copper and gold ...... More  
  We stock a wide variation of both Tibetan and Bhutanese Incense. We have some of the best quality Tibetan hand rolled Incenses along with some of the finest Incense sticks in Bhutan bought direct from Nado Poizokhang and Kuengacholing .... More  
  As well as being Internet based, Pink Lotus Thangka also has a Tibetan Buddhist shop, solely dedicated to the retail of Tibetan Thangka and Buddhist Dharma goods. Our Pink Lotus shop is the only one of its kind in the UK which is independent of a Buddhist centre. We go to great lengths to create an authentic Tibetan, Temple like environment and we have customers come and visit us from all over the UK to enjoy ..... More  
  Love Nepal is a UK registered charity set up and established by us. We have been raising funds since 2002. The Charity was established to help poor rural communities in Nepal. Since the charities humble beginnings, we have gone on to fund 15 schools and a Hospital ..... More  
  At Pink Lotus Thangka we make brocades to the finest quality. All our brocades are made by a Master Thangka in the time-honoured tradition with meticulous attention to detail and to the exact measurements used by the different traditions throughout the centuries ..... More  
  The word ‘Thangka’, means ‘that which can be rolled up’, as it was a scroll in form, which could be easily carried by itinerant monks and used as a teaching tool or to give a sense of protection to the traveller. To this day Buddhist Lamas use these scroll artworks ...... More  
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