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 About us

My name is Gary Collier and along with my partner Sharon we are the co founders of Pink Lotus Thangka, a company established to provide genuine fine quality Thangka and Dharma goods to Buddhist practitioners, centres, temples and the general public alike. Pink Lotus Thangka is built on right ethic and right intent and at the root of all we do is that we care. We believe in a working Buddhist ethic putting into practice all that is Dharma. Our Pink Lotus Thangka Company works parallel to our charity DCWC Nepal (www.dcwcnepal.org), also established by Sharon, and myself that in 2008 alone has built six schools and started phase one of a medical centre in the remote regions of Nepal.


Sharon distributing clothes at a DCWC Nepal school opening

In Kathmandu we have a workshop trading under the name of Pink Lotus Dharma Merchandising Co. The workshop was established to provide employment and fair wages for skilled craftsmen and women and to ensure a high quality product. We conduct ourselves in all we do in a fair manner and as a consequence all our products are sourced with right ethic and intent and are in every way fair. I visit Nepal three times every year for both business and charity matters. The time I spend in Nepal is essential for both overseeing charity projects and for learning about and sourcing genuine quality products.


Gary opening one of six DCWC Nepal schools opened in 2008

Pink Lotus Thangka does not use  fanciful information regarding the Dharma goods we sell. There are many romantic descriptions around surrounding most Dharma products regarding age; metal contact of bowls and bells, paintings by monks, the list is endless. Many products sold in the west originating from the Himalayan regions are misrepresented with misleading descriptions. The reality is that nearly all products originating in Nepal, India and Tibet are new and have been made not by monks and nuns in temples but by hard working Nepali, Indian and Tibetan craftsmen struggling to make a living in a poor economic climate. It is very important to us who we trade with. We have invested a lot of time and effort to ensure those we do trade with arenít just business people but are kind people with a spiritual background who share our own ethics. We are very loyal to our sources and work very hard to maintain a mutually beneficial working relationship with quality of product at the very heart of it.

I personally know most of the Thangka artists I deal with. They are a combination of ex-monks and artists raised in families with whom Thangka painting goes back many many generations. With so many different deities, icons, lineages and styles you can only ever hope to have a limited knowledge on Thangka. I am very fortunate to have the help and assistance of a very respected Thangka painter and teacher who is my very good friend and runs the DCWC charity in Nepal. He is my quality control on all matters Thangka. I have an eye for Thangka and know what I am looking for in the form of accuracy and perfection on important details, but I can also rely on him to ensure the Thangka is iconographically correct. We have recently secured the skills of a master Thangka brocade Tailor to our Kathmandu workshop who only works with finer materials and adheres to traditional methods of measurements and proportions. This will further more ensure that both our paintings and brocade silks will be to the finest specifications.

Please feel free to contact us, either Sharon or myself, by e-mail, telephone or visiting us at the shop at any time, we are always more than happy to try and help.

Gary and Sharon.

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