Pink Lotus Master Quality Brocades - 24/2/2009

Master Quality Brocading on our Pink Lotus Thangkas

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we would like to bring to your attention our latest stock of brocaded Thangka, new to our website. Over the last few months we have made adjustments to our Pink Lotus Dharma Merchandising Co. workshop in Kathmandu and brought in a Master Thangka Tailor with over 15 years experience of creating Thangka brocades of the very highest order. He creates each brocade in the time-honoured tradition with meticulous attention to detail and to the exact measurements used by the different traditions throughout the centuries.


Simple Khadi

Japan Khadi


Jwla Khadi


Timba Khadi


Tashi Tagi Khadi


Khambu Khadi

The Thangka brocades are made from a variety of different heavy quality Khadi imported from Varanasi in India. The yellow covers and the red ribbons are made from high quality silk like material and the Thangkas are fitted with an extra yellow ribbon on either side for tying up the Thangka for transportation. The beautifully ornate caps are gold and silver coated and perfectly fitted to the dowel. The string used to line the border of the painting and the sides of the brocade is of the best quality and is flawlessly sewn in to make exquisitely finished Thangka brocades.


Ornate Gold / Silver coated caps

Please see all our Thangka both brocaded and non-brocaded at our online shop or follow the link below

Master Quality Brocaded Thangka.

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