Chenrezig 4 Arm Mandala Master Thangka 78cm Price : £1,495.00
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Chenrezig 4 Arm Mandala Master Thangka 78cm

A beautiful Mandala Thangka painting of 4 Arm Chenrezig ( Avalokiteshvara ) by a high quality artist. The Mandala has Chenrezig, Boddhisatva of Compassion at its centre and to the top with Manjushri and Mahakala to either side. Either side of these are Milarepas teacher Marpa. The bottom has Manjushri in three different manifestations. Chenrezig represents the Buddhas compassion, Manjushri represents wisdom and Mahakala, skillful means or power. 
Quality - Master
Materials - Natural pigment, 24 carat gold on cotton canvas
Canvas measurements - 83cm x 58cm 
Painting measurements - 78cm x 53cm 
Artist - Kesev Lama
Price - £1,495


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