Chenrezig 4 Arm Mandala Master Thangka 61cm Price : £1,195.00
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Chenrezig 4 Arm Mandala Master Thangka 61cm 

Description - Chenrezig / Avalokiteshvara 4 arm Mandala painting. The Mandala has Chenrezig, Boddhisatva of Compassion at its centre and has Manjushri bottom left and Vajrapani bottom right. Chenrezig represents the Buddhas compassion, Manjushri represents wisdom and Vajrapani, skillful means or power. To the top of the painting from left to right is White Tara, Amitabha and Green Tara
Quality - Master
Materials - Natural pigment, 24 carat gold on cotton canvas
Canvas measurements - 66cm x 47cm
Painting measurements - 61cm x 42cm
Artist - Kesev Lama
Price - £1,195


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